William Stowell(84) was a younger brother of my thrice-great-grandfather the Rev. Hugh Stowell(5). William was born at Douglas in the Isle of Man on 02 Nov 1770 and was baptised at St. Matthews in that town on 22 Nov 1770. He was, variously, a paper stainer, manufacturer and clerk. He married Ann Hendry(240), one of 14 children of James Hendry and Ann McIllvery, on 13 Apr 1799 at Maughold. In about 1810 he laft the Isle of Man and moved to Liverpool.

For information on William Stowell and his descendants I am indebted to the pedigrees drawn up by John Arthur Stowell, a thrice great grandson of this William Stowell and so my fifth cousin. According to the pedigree (A-S770 dated Apr 1986) by J A Stowell, William and Ann had six children.

Children of William Stowell(84) and Ann Hendry(240)

Name Notes
William Hendry Stowell(241) Only son. 1800 - 1858. Married Sarah Hilton (1801-1862) in 1821. 9 children. Biographical information is available and further details are given in a separate page.
Ellen Stowell(630) Born about 1802, from her given age at death. No baptismal record found. School mistress (with her sister Bellanne):
1st girls bording school at Douglas, Atholl St. pre 1837 to post 1843;
Rushen Abbey, pre 1850 to post 1857;
Douglas, 24 Derby Sq. pre 1861 to retired pre 1871;
Douglas, 47 Derby Sq. (school run by Bellanne, Ellen lived there) pre 1871;
Later both sisters retired to Port Soderic.
Died 16 May 1879 and was buried at St. George's, Douglas, on 20 May 1879.
Eunice Stowell(242) Baptised at St. Matthew's, Douglas on 25 Nov 1803 (IGI from parish records). Nothing else known.
Jane Ann Stowell(243) Born at Douglas on 24 Oct 1804 and baptised at St. Matthew's in that town on 30 Oct 1804. Possibly died in infancy.
Jane Ann Stowell(244) Baptised at St. Matthew's, Douglas, on 16 Apr 1806 (IGI from parish records). Possibly also died in infancy as the name is included on the MI on her parents' grave with a date of death of 04 Mar 1807.
Bell Ann Catharine Stowell(631) Known as Bellanne. Born 11 Dec 1812 and baptised 03 Jan 1813 at St. Peter, Liverpool, Lancs. (IGI from parish records). Brief biographical information in Manx Worthies, though there is some confusion about where and when she had schools. Died, unmarried at Douglas, Isle of Man, on 21 May 1889, aged 76, and was buried on 23 May 1889 at St. George's, Douglas.

According to notes by J A Stowell on the pedigree mentioned above, William Stowell was a paper stainer and wall hanging manufacturer, and at some time a schoolmaster at St. Matthew's, Douglas with the nickname "old peg leg".  Around 1810 he went to Liverpool, where Bellanne was born. He returned to Douglas in about 1822. He died at Douglas on 28 Jul 1839 and was buried at St. George's on 01 Aug 1839. aged 63.

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