The Stokoe branch starts with Anne Stokoe(267), who married my four times great grandfather the Rev. William Currer(266).


At the moment all I know about Ann Stokoe(267) is what is written in the Foster (1874) pedigree of the Currer family. There it says:

ANN daughter and co-heir (with her sister Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Starky M.D.) of John Stokoe, of Blackburn, Lieut. R.N., by his wife Janet, dau. of John Stobell (?), of Blackburn, born 20 Sept., 1723, married at Blackburn, 27 May 1745, died 29 August 1800 (?).

Some parts of the entry are difficult to read, which is the reason for the question marks.


John Stokoe is referred to in the Foster pedigree as Lieut. R.N., and this is confirmed in Syrett & DiNardo (1994) where a one-line entry simply says that he made Lieutenant on 5 Dec 1712. The lack of any further entry implies that he received no additional promotion. The next step is to see what can be found out from the Navy Lists. There are no IGI entries for either his birth or marriage. There is, however, an entry for a marriage between Elizabeth Stokoe (the sister of Ann Stokoe, see above) and Joseph Starkey, which took place at Clapham, Yorks., on 19 Sep 1758. By this time the Rev. William Currer was Vicar of Clapham, so it is possible that he was the officiating cleric. This is confirmation of some more of the information in the Foster pedigree.

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