The Tatham connection comes through Emma Tatham (69), who married the Rev. Thomas Alfred Stowell (68) at Thornton-in-Lonsdale in Yorkshire on 8 Oct 1861. From Emma, the Tatham branch has been traced in the male line for three generations, and in another branch for seven generations in the paper by Col. W. H. Chippindall (1933).

Tatham generations

Generation Tatham ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
P Emma Tatham(69) (ca. 1839-1921) Thomas Alfred Stowell(68) (1831-1916) 8 Oct 1861 at Thornton-in-Lonsdale
N Richard Tatham(107) (1793-1864) Ellen Remington(108) (1799-1881) 3 Jul 1833 at Cartmel,Lancashire
M John Tatham(110) of Lowfields (1758-?) Margaret Hyde(111) (?-?) 19 Jun 1786 at Thornton-in-Lonsdale,Lancashire
L John Tatham(112) of Ireby (1722-1783) Dorothy Tatham(113) of Cantsfield (1722-1775) 06 Apr 1743 at Heversham, Westmorland.
K Leonard Tatham(1268) of Ireby (1673-1750) Elizabeth Dickinson(1269) of Natland (?-?) 20 Dec 1718 at Kendal, Westmorland.
J John Tatham(1273) of Ireby (1647-1713) Margaret Hathernwet(113)(?-?) 11 Oct 1671 at Bentham, Yorks., WR.
I Leonard Tatham(1282) of Ireby (1604?-1669) Ann Harrison(1283)(1616?-1669) 01 Jun 1641 at Thornton-in-Lonsdale, Yorks., WR.


Based on her given age (84) when she died in 1921, (GRO deaths index, Dec quarter 1921, Ormskirk, vol.8b, p.906) it is likely that Emma Tatham(69) was born in about 1837, at Lowfields, in the township of Burton-in- Lonsdale, and the parish of Thornton-in-Lonsdale, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. I have not found her in the GRO births index, so it is likely that she slipped in just before the start of civil registration in England. An entry in the IGI, based on a member submission and so without details of the source, says that she was born at Burton-in-Lonsdale in about 1839. She was the daughter of Richard Tatham(107) and Ellen Remington (108). She married my great-grandfather the Rev. Thomas Alfred Stowell at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 8 Oct 1861, the date being that given by Chippindall (1933). They had 14 children, for details of whom see the entry for Thomas Alfred. Emma died at Ormskirk, aged 84, in November 1921.

Richard TATHAM

According to Chippindall (1933) Richard Tatham(107) was the fourth of eight children of John Tatham(110), of Lowfield, and Margaret Hyde(111). He was baptised on 25 May 1793 at Thornton-in-Lonsdale. Boyd's marriage index for Lancashire indicates that he married Ellen Remington(108) on 3 Jul 1833 at Cartmel, Lancashire. According to Chippindall (1933), Richard and Ellen had seven children. Richard died on 26 Oct 1864 and was buried at Burton-in-Lonsdale (Chippindall 1933).

Children of Richard Tatham(107) and Ellen Remington(108)

Name Notes
John Tatham(136) Born about 1834. M.D., at one time a physician of Brompton Hospital, London. Afterwards of Lowfields, where he died unmarried on 3 Aug 1903, aged 69 years.
Catherine Margaret Tatham(139) Born about 1837. Died at Lowfields, unmarried, on 21 Jan 1916 aged 79 years, and was buried at Burton-in-Lonsdale.
Dora Tatham(142) Born in 1838, was married to Col. Squirl of the 74th Highlanders. She died, without issue, at Canterbury on 3 Nov 1920, aged 81 years.
Emma Tatham(69) Born about 1839. Married at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 8 Oct 1861 to the Rev. Thomas Alfred Stowell, M.A. of Salford. See her entry above.
Leonard Tatham(137) Born in 1842, was a solicitor in Manchester. Later of Lowfields where he died unmarried on 4 Nov 1928 and was buried at Burton-in-Lonsdale. He was the last male heir of this family. A notice of his death appeared in the Manchester Guardian and was quoted by a local paper.
Reginald Tatham(138) Born on 19 Jun 1844. He was of Christ's College, Cambridge; B.A. in 1867; afterwards in the Public Works Department in Ceylon and was killed, accidentally, on 12 Oct 1870.
Isabella Tatham(140) There is a GRO births index entry in the Jun quarter of 1840 (Settle, vol.23, p.584) which I presume is hers, and also that she was born at Lowfields. According to Chippindall (1933) she married Henry John Ware(141) of York, by whom she had issue. There is a GRO marriage index entry in the Mar quarter of 1860 (Settle, vol.9a, p.23). England Census returns show that Henry John Ware was a solicitor, born in about 1823 at Skirpenbeck, Yorkshire. They had at least two sons:
John Tatham Ware, who was born in about 1861, and who married Sophie Isabel Wilson in 1888 and had at least 5 children.
Francis Ware, who was born in about 1865.
No death date is given for Isabella.

John TATHAM of Lowfield

Chippindall (1933) says that this John Tatham(110) was born before 1743, but this must be a mistake. In his History of the Township of Ireby (1935), he gives the date of John's baptism as 23 Jul 1758, and this is also the date given in an IGI baptismal record from parish records of Thornton-in-Lonsdale with a John Tatham son of another John.

John Tatham married Margaret Hyde (or Hide)(111) of Burton-in-Lonsdale on 19 Jun 1786. According to Chippindall, they had eight children, and the IGI lists the baptisms of eight children of a John Tatham with apropriate dates of baptism.

Chippindall gives no date for John Tatham's death. If he died at Lowfields he might be expected to have been buried at nearby Burton in Lonsdale, at that time probably still a chapel of ease within the parish of Thornton in Lonsdale. Chippindall himself must have transcribed the parish register of Thornton in Lonsdale for the period 1576 to 1812, and since he does not mention John's death he was either not buried there or died after 1812. The parish registers of All Saints, Burton-in-Lonsdale, are lodged with the North Yorkshire Records Office and include burials 1821-1899, but so far as I know no extracts from them are publicly available. The LDS church do not appear to have microfilmed them.

Children of John Tatham(110) and Margaret Hyde(111)

Name Notes
Eliza Tatham(522) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 11 Feb 1788. She married Richard Smithies of Burton in Lonsdale. The marriage took place at Thornton in Lonsdale, and was reported in 1816 [New Monthly Magazine and Universal Register, Vol.1, 1816].
Dorothy Tatham(523) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 05 Jul 1789.
Francis Tatham(524) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 12 Jun 1791, buried there on 29 Mar 1810.
Richard Tatham(107) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 05 Jul 1789. Married Ellen Remington(108) and had issue (see above)
Isabella Tatham(525) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 08 Oct 1795, buried there on 15 Feb 1801.
Margaret Tatham(526) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 26 Feb 1797.
Emma Tatham(527) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 22 Sep 1786. Married to Daniel Elletson of Parrox Hall, co. Lancs., and had issue.
Leonard Tatham(528) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 18 Apr 1800. Was a scholar of University College, Oxford. Died on 25 Dec 1821, without issue,and was buried at Burton-in-Lonsdale.

John TATHAM of Ireby

Chippindall (1933) has little to say about this John Tatham other than that he was a yeoman of Ireby, married Dorothy Tatham, and was buried at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 28 Jun 1783. There is an IGI entry for a marriage between a John Tatham and a Dorothy Tatham which took place at Heversham, Westmorland, on 06 Apr 1743.

There is a baptismal record for a John Tatham, son of Leonard Tatham, at Thornton in Lonsdale on 27 Jan 1722. If this is the correct John Tatham then he was 21 when he married. I think the baptism may be correct, because the name Leonard reappears in the Tatham family and because this branch of the family seem to have frequented the church at Thornton in Lonsdale. This date of baptism is also given in Chippindall (1935), in the pedigree on p.48.

Chippindall (1933) has nothing to say about children of John and Dorothy Tatham other than John Tatham of Lowfield who married Margaret Hyde. There are records in the IGI of just two children of a John Tatham baptised at Thornton in Lonsdale in the period 1730-1770

Possible children of John Tatham(112) and Dorothy Tatham(113)

Name Notes
Leonard Tatham(1267) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 08 Aug 1756 and buried at Thornton on 27 Apr 1794.
John Tatham(110) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 23 Jul 1758.

These two sons also appear in the pedigree on p.48 of Chippindall (1935). There is a very long gap between the marriage in 1743 and the baptisms of these two children, which makes me suspect that it may not be the right combination. However, Chippindall (1935) probably noticed the same gap, and says that on his death John left "at least two sons". Chippindall (1933) has John Tatham(112) being buried at Thornton in Lonsdale on 28 Jun 1783, and Dorothy at the same church on 25 Jan 1775.

Leonard TATHAM of Ireby

Chippindall (1935) continues the pedigree back a further three generations.

Chippindall (1933) continues the Tatham name back through the ancestors of Dorothy Tatham(113).

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