This second branch starts with Dorothy Tatham(113) who married John Tatham(112). This is the branch which is then traced back in the paper by Col. W. H. Chippindall (1933), who has nothing further to say about John Tatham(112) of Ireby.

Tatham generations

Generation Tatham ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
L Dorothy Tatham(113) (1722-1776) John Tatham(112) (1722?-1783) 06 Apr 1743 at Heversham, Westmorland.
K John Tatham(114) (1688-1745) Isabella Fenwick(115) (1693-1743) 9 Feb 1718/19 at Tunstall.
J Richard Tatham(118) (1660-1734) Jennet Carrington(116) (1655-1725) 25 Oct 1685 at Tunstall.
John Tatham(119) (1631-?) Mary Tunstall(120) (1634-1664) 15 Mar 1655/56 at Tunstall.
Richard Tatham(121) (1586?-1657) Alice Nealson(122) (1609-1639) 25 Feb 1627/28 at Tunstall.
Nicholas Tatham(560) (living in 1609) ? ?
Edmund Tatham(561) (living in 1609) ? ?

Dorothy TATHAM

Dorothy Tatham(113) was baptised on 27 December 1722 at Tunstall in Lancashire, the daughter of John Tatham(114) and Isabella Fenwick(115). Chippindall says that she is mentioned in her father's will in 1743 as married to John Tatham of Ireby, yeoman, and as expecting a second child. There is an IGI record of a marriage between Dorothy Tatham and John Tathem on 06 April 1743 at Heversham in Westmorland, but the original source of this information is not given. According to Chippindall, Dorothy Tatham received the properties of Lowfields and Halfway House from her brother Francis, which involved cutting the entail under which he had inherited them from their father.

There is uncertainty about the number of children born to Dorothy Tatham. Chippindall shows only one in the pedigree attached to his paper. This uncertainty is discussed in the section on John Tatham (112) of Ireby.

Dorothy Tatham was buried on 25 January 1775 at Thornton-in-Lonsdale.


According to Chippindall (1933) John Tatham(114) was the son and heir of Richard Tatham (118) and Jennet Carrington(116). He was baptised on 22 Jul 1688, and there is an IGI record of this baptism at Tunstall, Lancs., taken from parish records. Chippindall says that John Tatham settled at Cantsfield on the Carrington property, inherited from his mother.

On 9 Feb 1718/19 John Tatham married Isabella Fenwick(115) of Burrow Hall, and according to Chippindall they had eight children.

Children of John Tatham(114) and Isabella Fenwick(115)

Name Notes
Edmund Tatham(529) Baptised 9 Jan 1719/20. According to Chippindall he was of Cantsfield, and married Jane, daughter of Henry Welch of Littledale, near Caton, ancestor to the Welch family of Leck Hall. They had ten children.
Jane Tatham(530) Baptised 9 Dec 1720 at Tunstall, Lancs. Married George Moore of Overtown in Tunstall parish on 18 Oct 1742 and left issue. IGI has Janet not Jane.
Richard Tatham(531) Baptised 26 Dec 1721 at Tunstall, Lancs. According to Chippindall he was buried on 9 Apr 1725.
Dorothy Tatham(113) Baptised 27 Dec 1722. Married John Tatham of Ireby by whom she had issue (see the entry for John Tatham(112)).
John Tatham(532) Baptised 10 May 1726 at Tunstall, Lancs. According to Chippindall he was of Christ's College, Cambridge, B.A., 1747-8(?). Vicar of Melling in Lonsdale, 1750-94; rector of Tatham, 1794-1809. Buried at Tatham on 13 Jan 1809. He was married and had a son and a daughter.
Elizabeth Tatham(533) Baptised 8 Oct 1727 at Tunstall, Lancs. Buried 18 Dec 1727.
Francis Tatham(534) Baptised 24 Apr 1731 at Tunstall, Lancs. According to Chippindall, under his father's will he owned Lowfields and Halfway House farms. Cutting the entail he gave them to his sister Dorothy Tatham(113). Francis died, unmarried, in 1816.
Nicholas Tatham(535) Baptised 19 Feb 1732/33 at Tunstall, Lancs. According to Chippindall, he inherited the Burrow Hall property under the entail and took the name of Fenwick. He died in 1801 unmarried, aged 69 years. The Burrow Hall estate then passed to Thomas Lambert as next in the entail.

Later, according to Chippindall, John Tatham(114) appears to have lived at Lowfields, near Burton-in-Lonsdale, and was buried from there on 16 Jul 1745. His will is dated 29 October 1743, and probate was granted on 13 Aug 1745. By this will he left the two farms Lowfields and Halfway House to his son Francis Tatham(534) in tail male. Francis gave them to his sister Dorothy.

Richard TATHAM of Cantsfield

Chippindall (1933) says that this Richard Tatham(118) was baptised on 9 Jul 1660 and was of Burrow. He was the son of John Tatham(119) and Mary Tunstall(120). On 23 May 1685 he married Jennet Carrington (116). In 1693 Jennet received the Carrington property, in Cantsfield and elsewhere which Chippindall says formed the foundation of the estate of the Tathams of Cantsfield. Chippindall lists six shildren of Richard and Jennet.

Children of Richard Tatham(118) and Jennet Carrington(116)

Name Notes
Mary Tatham(538) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 22 Aug 1686, and married, on 19 Dec 1717 Nicholas Fisher of Bradley Field, Kendal, and had issue.
John Tatham(114) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 22 Jul 1688. (see separate entry)
Jane Tatham(539) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 27 Apr 1690, buried there on 13 Jun 1707 without issue.
Francis Tatham(540) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 06 Aug 1692, a twin to Edmund. Buried 25 May 1728 without issue.
Edmund Tatham(541) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 06 Aug 1692, a twin to Francis. Was of the City of London in 1733.
Elizabeth Tatham(542) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 29 Jun 1700, and buried there on 10 May 1710. It seems a long gap between her and the twins.

Richard Tatham(118) made his will on 3 Jan 1733/4, and was buried at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 20 Jan 1733/4, as of Burrow.

John TATHAM of Nether Burrow

Chippindall (1933) says that this John Tatham(119) was the second son of Richard Tatham(121) and Alice Nealson (122) and was of Nether Burrow. He was baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 04 Apr 1631 and he married Mary Tunstall(120) on 15 Mar 1655/56. They had three children.

Children of John Tatham(119) and Mary Tunstall(120)

Name Notes
Alice Tatham(562) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 16 May 1658. She was married to Lawrence Turner on 19 Apr 1683 and they has a son Thomas Turner, baptised on 24 Feb 1683/4, who became executor to his uncle Richard Tatham(nnn).
Richard Tatham(118) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 09 Jul 1660. (see separate entry above)
Edmund Tatham(563) Baptised at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 31 Oct 1662. Was of Christ's College, Cambridge, B.A. in 1684, M.A. in 1694. Became curate to his uncle Richard Tatham(564), rector of Kirklington, and later became rector himself. He was buried at Kirklington on 1 Jun 1733. He had a wife Elizabeth who was living on 31 May 1736 when she joined with her son in a sale of land in Lupton. co. Westmorland. She and Edmund had seven children, all entered in the Kirklington Church register, but only one, also Edmund (1700-1747), survived infancy.

Mary Tunstall was buried at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 18 Nov 1664, and on 24 Jul 1673 John Tatham married a second wife, Dorothy Tatham(nnn). Chippindall mentions no children to this second marriage. John Tatham(119) was buried at Thornton-in-Lonsdale on 21 Sep 1682.

Richard TATHAM of Tunstall

Chippindall (1933) describes Richard Tatham(121) as appearing to be one of two sons of Nicholas Tatham(560) and an unkonwn wife, and says that in the bond to perform the will of his nephew John Tatham(nnn) he describes himself as of Tunstall, husbandman. There is no information on this Richard Tatham's baptism, but on 25 Feb 1627/8 he married Alice Nealson of Gayle. Thus he was probably born about the turn of the century. According to Cippindall (1933), Richard and Alice had six children.

Children of Richard Tatham(121) and Alice Nealson(122)

Name Notes
Richard Tatham(564) Baptised on 29 Nov 1628. Of Christ's College, Cambridge B.A. 1649, M.A. 1654. Rector of Kirklington, co. York from 21 Jan 1662/3. He died at Tunstall, Lancs. and was buried there on 13 Jul 1698. His burial is recorded both in the Tunstall and Kirklington registers, and in the latter, on a flyleaf, is "Mr. Richard Tatham, Rector of Kirklington, aged about 70 years, etc., a faithful Pastor the space of 36 years, taken sick in Lancashire his owne Native Country where he departed this life July ye 11 and was interred ye 14, 1698 in ye Parish Church of Tunstall (where he ws made a Xtian) under a large gravestone with this inscription.". He had a wife named Ellenor who was buried at Kirklington on 23 April 1668, and they had only one child, a daughter Alice Tatham. Alice married George Woodyear at Kirklington on 21 Feb 1687/8 and is described as of Crookhill, co. York.
John Tatham(119) Baptised on 04 Apr 1631. (see separate entry above)
Alice Tatham(565) Baptised on 03 Feb 1632/3. On 28 Jul 1660 she married Henry Towne and had issue.
Isabella Tatham(566) Born on 25 and baptised on 27 Feb 1634/5.
Edmund Tatham(567) Baptised on 30 Apr 1637. Of Christs' College, Cambridge, B.A. 1657, M.A. 1661. Vicar of Tunstall on 16 Sep 1664. He married on 17 Jan 1670/1 Agnes, daughter of Bryan Carter (? of Overtown in Tunstall parish) and they had three children, Richard (1672-1708), Isabella (1674-1735) who married William Withers, and John (1676-1701). All three died without issue. Agnes was buried on 08 Mar 1705/6, aged 59, and Edmund was buried on 18 Oct 1718, aged 82 years.
Agatha Tatham(568) Baptised on 02 Oct 1639. She married Thomas Withers, clerk, who became rector of Halton, Lancs., by whom she had issue. She was buried at Halton on 18 Nov 1719.

Richard Tatham(121) was buried on 28 Aug 1657. His wife Alice died before him and was buried on 30 Nov 1639.

Nicholas TATHAM

Little is known of the earliest two Tathams mentioned by Chippindall (1933). At the beginning of his paper he writes:

On 14 June and on 24 June, 1609, John Girlington of Thurland Castle, with others conveyed to Edmund Tatham premises at Nether Burrow, and on 2 February, 1609-10, the same John Girlington enfeoffed Nicholas Tatham of premises in Burrow with Burrow (Burrowhall Deeds).

As these lands have descended to the present owner of Burrow Hall, we may assume that the two mentioned Tathams were ancestors of the Tathams of Burrow Hall and further, as the christian names of that family ran Edmund-Nicholas-Edmund-Nicholas we may assume that they were grandfather and father of the first Tatham of whom we can give any certain account.

Aside from the mention above, all that Chippindall then says is that this Nicholas Tatham(560) appears to have had two sons, though there is no mention of evidence to support this. There is no information on whom he married.

Children of Nicholas Tatham(121)

Name Notes
Edmund Tatham(569) of Nether Burrow. He had two sons:Nicholas and John, and three daughters: Mary, Jane and Alice. He died in 1627.
Richard Tatham(121) of Tunstall. In the bond to perform the will of his nephew John Tatham he describes himself as of Tunstall, husbandman. See his separate entry above.


From the Burrowhall Deeds described above, all that is known of Edmund Tatham (560) is that he was alive in June 1609 when John Girlington, on the 14th, conveyed to him premises in Nether Burrow and again on the 24th when John Girlington sold to him more of the possessions in Nether Burrow. Notes for Sir John Girlington on the web pages on the ancestors of Ryan Kirk Millar give some further background to these sales and transfers and suggest that the transferees were already the tenants of these properties within the estate of the castle and manor of Thurland.

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