Emily TEMPLEMAN(102) was one of my great-grandmothers. The only information on her to start with was that she married Charles Anthony BERTRAM(106) on 4 Sep 1882 at St. Mary's church in St. Marylebone, London1. On the marriage certificate she was described as a domestic servant living at 48 Seymour Place, the same address as her husband. Her age was given as 21, implying that her year of birth was about or before 1860/61, or possibly simply that she was of age. Her father was named as George TEMPLEMAN, job master, deceased.

Charles Bertram and Emily Templeman marriage entry

An Emily TEMPLEMAN was baptised on 28 Sep 1860 at St. Matthew's, Bayswater, the daughter of George TEMPLEMAN (166) of 2 Salem Road (which was in Paddington), coachman, and his wife Charlotte Elizabeth2.

Emily Templeman baptism entry

There is a date 29/8/60 in the margin of the baptismal register, which I took as her birth date, and this is confirmed by her birth certificate which shows her place of birth as 2 Salem Road, and also confirms that her mother's maiden name was HOOD. At the time her birth was registered, on 8 Oct 1860, the family address was 18 Porchester Mews, Paddington, the informant being her mother. Her father was then described as a Jobmaster's Coachman.

Emily Templeman's birth certificate

By the time of the census in the following year3 the family was at 18 Porchester Terrace Mews in Paddington, London, when the household comprised:

The fact that the head of household was entered as John and not George I have taken to be a recording error, as it seems unlikely that two brothers would both be called John. Also, having a younger brother called John born around 1838/39 matched the baptism of John James TEMPLEMAN at Mells on 5 Aug 1838, the youngest of 8 children of John TEMPLEMAN (see the entry for George TEMPLEMAN). Also, in the 1861 census return, the wife's name, and Emily's age match Emily's baptism record, so I am reasonably sure that this is the correct family. It would appear, therefore, that Emily had at least three siblings, and that she was the youngest child.

There is a marriage record for a George TEMPLEMAN, bachelor of full age, and a coachman, and Charlotte Elizabeth HOOD, spinster of full age. George was the son of John TEMPLEMAN, labourer, and Charlotte Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas HOOD, cabinet maker. This marriage took place at Trinity Church, St Marylebone, London, on 07 Jun 1852, after banns7. The witnesses were Joseph TEMPLEMAN, possibly George's older brother, and Harriet THOMPSON, who made her mark. That these were Emily's parents is confirmed by her birth certificate. The description of her father as job master in the marriage register for Emily's marriage is compatible with his earlier being a coachman, as a job master was one who supplied carriages, horses and drivers for hire.

Emily TEMPLEMAN and Charles BERTRAM had four daughters8:

A possible reason for the delayed marriage was that until Sep 1881 Emily was under age and would have needed parental consent to marry.

Emily and Charles separated in Nov 1889, and in 1890 Charles initiated divorce proceedings on the grounds of her adultery with a Charles FITZROY. During the divorce proceedings9 her address was variously given as 65 Sutherland Street, Pimlico and 18 Effingham Street, Pimlico. The co-respondent, Charles FITZROY, never appeared, and the court granted Charles the divorce and gave him custody of the children. The Final Decree was issued on 16 Apr 1891.

I have found no further information on Emily's life after the divorce. She died, aged 72, on 6 Jun 1933 at 26 Ossington Buildings, London W110. The informant was Edward WILSON, who caused the body to be buried, though it does not say where, who was of the same address. Her name was given as Emily BERTRAM otherwise WILSON, which suggests that she may have been living with Edward WILSON. She was described as formerly the wife of Charles BERTRAM, occupation unknown, from whom she obtained a divorce. Ossington Buildings was, it appears, a group of blocks of flats in Marylebone, just west of Marylebone High Street, probably built in the late 19th century.

Emily Templeman's death certificate


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