John TEMPLEMAN(1720) , from the census data below, was born around 1795/97 at Corton Denham in Somerset. The parish records for St Andrew's, Corton Denham, have been transcribed, at least in part, by Doug WILLIAMS for the Somerset Online Parish Clerk Project 1 . The baptismal records include a John TEMPLEMAN, son of Joseph TEMPLEMAN and Ann, who was baptised on 18 Dec 1796, so I am presuming that this is him and that he was born earlier that year.

The Corton Denham register also contains a marriage between Joseph TEMPLEMAN (2152) and Ann SHEAN(2153) which took place on 3 Oct 17962 . If these were John's parents, then he was well on the way at the time they married. The register contains no other information on either Joseph or Ann, or at least nothing was transcribed.

The transcribed baptismal data for Corton Denham3 show five other children of Joseph and Ann TEMPLEMAN, suggesting that John was the first. The complete list is:

Susan SCHULTZ pointed out that, in 1820, John TEMPLEMAN married a widow, Rhoda ROBINS (née ASHMAN or AISHMAN)(1800) who was born about 1792. She was the daughter of Benjamin ASHMAN/AISHMAN(2161) and likely Mary PARSONS (2162). Their marriage was on 24 Dec 1820 at Mells 4.

There were eight baptisms at Mells5 of children of John TEMPLEMAN and Rhoda, and Susan SCHULTZ pointed out another John TEMPLEMAN, son of John and Rhoda, who was baptised at St Peter and Paul, Kilmersdon, Somerset, on 13 Jun 1831 6, and a possibly corresponding burial at Mells of an infant John on 10 Jul 1831 7. The full list of children is, so far as can be made out from the records:

In the 18419 census at Newberg (as transcribed, but possibly actually Newbury (Farm)?), Babington, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, there was a John TEMPLEMAN, ag.lab., aged 44, with Rodah (sic) aged 45 and presumably children of theirs:

Both names and ages match the list of baptisms, minus Joseph the eldest, and Mary Ann.

In the 185110 census, aged 56, a labourer, born in Corton, Somerset, John TEMPLEMAN was at Babington, Somerset, with his wife Rhoda, aged 59, and born in Leigh on Mendip. Also present were:

In the 186111 census, aged 64, a stone mason, born in Corton Denham, Somerset, John TEMPLEMAN was at Lyncombe with Widcombe with his wife Rodda (sic), aged 69 and a laundress, born in Mendip, Somerset. Also present were:

So Martha had married, and there is a record of the marriage of Martha ROBBINS and William GRIFFIN at St Mark's in Lyncombe, Bath, Somerset, on 5 Feb 186012. Both were living at Odd Down, on the outskirts of Bath, and her father was entered as Joseph ROBBINS. William's father was Job GRIFFIN, a labourer, and William was a widower. The witnesses were George ROBBINS and Georgina ROBBINS. Either the witnesses, or the bride and groom, made their mark. So Martha was a child of Rhoda's first marriage, and used her correct name when marrying.

In 187113, aged 74, a mason, born in Corton Denham, John was at 2 South Place, Lyncombe with Widcombe, with his wife Rhoda, aged 79, born in Leigh on Mendip. Also present was:,

At 3 South Place were William and Martha GRIFFIN, and at 4 South Place were Joseph and Mary TEMPLEMAN, with their married daughter Elizabeth PERRY and 3 month old grandson Percy PERRY. This was Elizabeth Pearl, who had married William Change PERRY in 1869. So a little family group of neighbours.

In 188114, aged 83, and then a widower, Rhoda having died in 1872, John was still at 2 South Place, Lyncombe and Widcombe, with his widowed daughter Martha GRIFFIN, aged 68 and formerly a laundress, born at Mells, Somerset, and Florence SHORT, a grand-daughter, aged 8 and born in Bath in 1872/73.

John TEMPLEMAN died on 5 Dec 1886, aged 8915. He died at the Workhouse in Odd Down and was described as a quarryman and mason of Lyncombe and Widcombe. He was also described as suffering from senile imbecility. He was buried on 11 Dec 1886 at St James Cemetery, Lyncombe and Widcombe16. This was the fourth of four cemeteries for Lyncombe and Widcombe, and was opened in 1861 on the Lower Bristol Road. Although commonly called St James, the cemetery was actually bought by Lyncombe and Widcombe, and the parish of St James was allowed to bury there17. There is no record of a memorial, and it does not appear that the workhouse records have survived.


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