The Thorburn branch starts with Helen Thorburn(211) who married the Rev. William Lauder(210). The date and place of this marriage have not been identified, but it was probably around 1812 or 1813. At the moment I am still working on this page, trying to sort out who is who in the Old Parochial Records available on the web.

Thorburn generations

My information on the Thorburns is very tentative at the moment, but my current guesses for three generations is as follows:

Generation Thorburn Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
N Helen Thorburn(211) (1786-?) William Lauder(210) (ca.1770-1852) unknown
M Mungo Thorburn(1249)(1748-?) Isabel Redford(1250) (? - ?) unknown
L Robert Thorburn(1251) (? - ?) Helen Park(1252) (1713-?) 29 Dec 1741 at Galashiels


Helen Thorburn(211) is not a particularly uncommon name, and of the possible baptismal records I have chosen the Helen or Nelly Thorburn whose birth on 20 Apr 1786 is recorded in the old parochial register of Lilliesleaf, daughter of Mungo Thorburn(1249). The reason for this choice is a story in the family that the Thorburns were related to Mungo Park. The IGI has an entry for her birth on the same date and gives her parents as Mungo Thorburn and Isabel Redford. The entry is based on a submission by a member of the LDS church for which no source details are given.

The marriage of Helen Thorburn and William Lauder is said in the IGI to have taken place about 1816 in Berwick. However, the dates of birth of their children suggest an earlier date, and for discussion of this, and for details of their children see the entry for William Lauder.


Key dates for Mungo Thorburn(1249) are given on the website maintained by Fergus Soucek-Smith, based on the tombstone for Mungo and his wife and on entries in the IGI. The dates given are


The OPR has a record of the marriage of Robert Thorburn and Helen Park at Galashiels on 29 Dec 1741.

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