The TURNER branch starts with Ann TURNER (1537), who married Robert BELL (1266).

Turner generations

Generation Turner Ancestor Spouse Date and place of marriage
O Anne TURNER(1536)
Robert BELL (1266) (?-1812) possibly on 12 Nov 1766 at Manchester Cathedral
N William TURNER(1538)
(1702 - ?)
Mary BLYTHE (1539)
(1710 - ?)
04 Aug 1731 at Pontefract, Yorkshire.


Ann TURNER was presumably born after the marriage of her parents in 1731. There is a record of the baptism of an Anne TURNER, daughter of William TURNER, at Sheffield on 23 May 17331, which may be hers. I conclude below that her parents were William TURNER and Mary BLYTHE. These BLYTHES came from Norton Lees, near Sheffield. William TURNER may have lived at Sheffield in the course of moving from Hull to Manchester.

That one of three daughters of William TURNER, merchant of Hull, and his wife who was a daughter of Samuel BLYTHE of Norton Lees, married Robert BELL of Manchester is indicated in a pedigree of CAPPE-JARDINE2. These three daughters are also referred to in a pedigree of BLYTHE3, with cross-reference to the CAPPE-JARDINE pedigree, but the daughters are still not named. Where the date and place of Ann's marriage are concerned, I have no convincing evidence. Her father was born in Hull, but died in Manchester (see below), and may well have moved to Manchester early enough for some of his children to have been born there or married from there. There are at least three dated references to a marriage between an Ann TURNER and a Robert BELL;

At the moment, not having any alternatives, I think a Manchester wedding in 1766, which fits with the birth of Mary Ann BELL (300) in 1769, may well be the right one. However, this is still conjecture, and may not fit with the births of her siblings Robert and William, if their dates can be found (see below).

William TURNER

A William TURNER(1537), aged 27 and born at Kingston upon Hull, married Mary BLYTHE(1538), aged 20 and born at Norton, Yorkshire. This marriage took place on 04 Aug 1731 at Pontefract, Yorkshire 9. This is also the date shown in the BLYTHE pedigree10.

If William TURNER was 27 in 1731, then he was born about 1704. There is a baptismal record for a William TURNER, son of Robert TURNER and Rebecka, which took place at Hull on 30 Apr 1702, which would have made him 29 when he married, not 27, if they are the same person. At the moment this can only be speculation. He may not have been baptised in Hull, and Turner is a common name. The name occurs many times in the records of the Bowl Alley Lane chapel, in Hull, besides elsewhere. It does seem likely, however, that his baptism would have been in a non-conformist community. Wiliam TURNER died at Manchester11, but no date or other details are known.

Puttting together the information in both pedigrees, it appears that William TURNER and Mary BLYTHE had three sons and the three daughters:

The most that can be said is that there were probably six children of this marriage, but the order and dates of their births remain unknown.


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